Shelter Loves

Hello loves! I hope your week is off to a great start. I’ve had a serious craving for chic coziness this winter. I’ve been setting up my bedroom and am liking it so far!! I need to add a few elements to finish it off but it’s going to be layered and lovely.. 😉
The color scheme consists of pale pink, navy, light grey and rich velvety greens. I’ll share a few sneak peeks before the final reveal.
Here is the skinny on what I love this week:
1. I tend to gravitate more to classic interiors in the winter time. There is something so timeless and inviting about them. I’ll be setting up my office with my assistant next month. I’m going with a clean white theme.
2. I’m excited to see the launch of Tilton Fenwick’s fabric line for Duralee. I love T.F. designs!
Devising a fabric collaboration would be amazing!!
3. I’ve been working on my art wall. I’m liking it so far. I think it needs a hint of gilding. Jen’s “LOVE” print could work beautifully. (it is backordered but will return mid january. It will allow you to place an order)
4. This is the perfect time of year to ditch all your old make up and start fresh. The best part about moving is starting from scratch. The worst part? All the packing and unpacking! I’m working with a skeleton kitchen right now.
5. What’s better than bringing fresh flowers indoors during the cold winter months?
6. AMEN!
(excuse the sneaky 7 – i didn’t see it)

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