Shelter Loves

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, a commercial but sweet holiday, I’ve got color on my mind! Last year I spent this holiday not celebrating a romantic love but appreciating the love I do have in my life! (my children, friends and family). Two years ago I didn’t have much time to think about anything but taking care of my small children solo in a large old house with a quirky heating system….I like to think those crazy days made me a stronger more appreciative person!

This year, I look forward to spending it with my boyfriend! I feel very fortunate that I’ve connected with such a wonderful person. (He’s amazing with my children, loving, kind, funny, driven etc. etc.) I’ve met my match and best friend!

I also want to take one minute to say to those of you who are going through a divorce, messy breakup or separation. Hang in there, things do get easier and much better!!! Three years ago my life was in shambles…now I know why it all happened!! xo

Here’s what is on my mind this week:

1. I love this hidden entrance…it’s lovely.
2. Snowy days are the perfect time to rework your bookshelves and table tops. Try stacking your books and moving objects around till they feel right!
3. I’m looking forward to the warmer weather and bikini season!
4. I’m loving these lavender studs!
5. I need to paint the little bathroom off of my bedroom. I was going to go with wallpaper but I’ve got to reel in the renovation spending. I’d love to paint pink and white stripes but for now I might just go with a pale pink shade!
6. Repeat and repeat again!!

Cheers! Keep Warm!

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