Shelter Loves

Happy Thursday! I don’t know about you, but I have my eye on the clock today. I’m much looking forward to a glass of wine at 5 p.m.! Wow, there is lots that I am loving this week. Here is my run-down!

1. Parenting is a tough job, there is no way to sugar coat it. Just when you have something down or solved another challenge seems to pop up. With that said, I adore my children and would do just about anything for them!! This quote resonated with me today!
2. I love looking chic but I also want to be comfy. My TB driving loafers have seen better days. I may need to invest in another pair. This Coach version is classic with a modern appeal.
3. I NEVER have time to do sweet little projects and I’m not a crafter. If I had some extra time on my hands I may bake a sweet treat now and then for my children.
4. I love everything about this look!!
5. There are some up-sides to living without a man. One being you can paint everything any color you’d like! How feminine is this lilac vanity??
6. Loving Tory Burch’s new watch collection!

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