Shelter loves…

Happy Thursday!! I did a killer work out this a.m. so I’m very much looking forward to treating myself to a glass of wine tonight..In order to feel healthier I’ve been preparing most of my own meals and trying not to drink my nightly glass of wine on Monday-Wednesday. I’ve also been drinking this detox tea everyday! Here is what is inspiring me this week!!

1. How clean and inviting does this room look? It has a sense of calm to it that I’m drawn to. I also love the large windows and natural light.
2. I’m looking forward to wearing my little leather jacket again. This one is really cute by J.Crew. I adored the ivory too but it’s sold out..booo
3. Back to my comment about cooking. I need to try some new recipes. I thought this one sounded easy and looked yummy. I love seafood, so I would definitely add the shrimp!
4. Repeat and repeat!
5. These would make a pretty addition to your Valentine’s Day outfit!!

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