Shelter Loves…

TGIF!! You’ve got to love Fridays! Today I’ve put together some of my recent favorites!! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

1. Have you guessed yet that this is my favorite time of year? I love the look of an all white dress or outfit. This pleated dress is on sale and is adorable. I have a similar one in coral!
2. These bags are fab! I need one…I love amazing European finds….The Brits along with the French do fashion SO well. Tote from Rae Feather.
3. Since my divorce I have wanted to buy myself a sweet little ring, this is a contender. As is one from Cartier.
4. I have to use this Cole and Sons wallpaper on a project. It reminds me of the work of Japanese artist Hokusai. The MFA is currently running a Hokusai exhibit. I am going to take my daughter. She studied his work in camp this week. I love the idea of introducing art and culture from around the world to my children. 
5.+ 7. My adorable friend Kristin got a new bike this week. It’s a bright yellow cruiser. I’ve always wanted one of these retro numbers. She may have inspired me to make the splurge…I am torn between watermelon and aqua!!  I like the lines of the Nadine one but the price tag of the Schwinn.
6. Yes, please on this bathroom and tile!!
8. This makes so much sense to me lately. #celebrate diversity!!


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  1. A similar bag was posted on under an article titled "It List – Monogram Special." It credits the source as Rae Feather and a price of 150 GBP. Rae Feather has its own web site. Hope that helps!

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