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Good Day! My mini-vaca was relaxing but playing catch up at work, is not! No complaints here, I have been catching up on my projects and scheduling meetings for new ventures. This is an exciting time of year…Summer is winding down and there is so much to look forward to during the Fall. Including lots of birthdays! This is also the time of year when I begin to brainstorm for upcoming projects. I loved this summer but I am looking forward to my kids being back to their regular schedule! Here’s what I am thinking about today!!

1. I’ve been drawn to cleaner interiors. I have even been adjusting some aspects of my own home. Moving art, rugs and switching lighting out can instantly give a room a fresh look! Try it, sometimes less is more. I like to give my brain (eyes) a place to rest before moving onto the next beautiful moment in a room. This design is by Amber Interiors (gf is on fire lately)
2. I’m liking the layered, charm necklaces for Fall. Here’s a new favorite by Wouters and Hendrix.
3. Yup! Working on this! We all can….
4. My son turned 8 on 8/6, this got me thinking about cake design. Ruffle cakes are a current favorite of mine.
5. One of the things I appreciate most about Vermont is the open land. You can literally see across the beautiful farms for miles. This puts me at ease. The landscape design in this image is stunning. I love how the planner created a perspective view by allowing you to see only a portion of what stretches out beyond the hedge.
6. Sculptural, well made furniture is definitely on my radar. Bar Stool source
7. I’m excited to see this stunning couple’s wedding photos and her dress!!

P.S. I am also loving this comfy look for FALL. My PS layout was out of room but I wanted to share these too!!! This clog would pair beautifully with flare pants and a comfy fitted chunky knit sweater.

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