Shelter Loves

My apologies for the late post. I was attending a funeral this morning for the mom of two of my friends.  Funerals really get you thinking…… They are terribly sad but they force you to stop your life for a moment and reflect upon how precious life really is and how trivial some of the “stuff” we worry about during our time on this earth really is. Today’s quote is in honor of my two friend’s Mike + Matt and their Mom, Rita. xo.

1. Jane Birkin’s relaxed style really speaks to me lately…Her hair style actually makes me contemplate having bangs someday.
2. Ferragamo shoes – they are some of the prettiest out there – nuff said. 
3. Slippers!! Have I mentioned my love of slippers? I want two pairs of these, one to drop my kids off at school in and one to wear at home!! I am very into the simple, inexpensive luxuries of life. Slippers are one of them. 
4. These fun, colorful bracelets would cheer anyone up during the gloomy weather. (it’s on the way)
5. I love California style homes and natural sunlight. The casual style of stylist Jessica de ruiter’s office is working for me today. Via Glamour Magazine.
6. Very true. 
7. I received a bottle of this fabulous face wash. I am pretty faithful about my skincare regimen. Block Island Organics products are all natural and honestly this is my new favorite face wash. It lathered up beautifully and left my skin feeling very clean but never dry. I love it.
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