Shelter Loves

HAPPY FRI-YAY all! It was hard transitioning back to work after my tropical vacation but I made it and here it is, Friday already! These are the goodies and great “stuff” that caught my eye this week!
1. Amen
2. I mentioned gardening yesterday on the blog.  Every summer I plant my herbs in pots and leave them near my back door! Ummm, these look amazing!!
3. Lauren is so chic!! I am going to a lax fundraiser for my son tonight and we are supposed to dress like pirates! Pirates? Really? I am taking my inspo for my outfit from this shot! Arrghhh….
4. This space is a very layered but it works because the colors were repeated and pattern sizes were varied. I love me a non cookie cutter looking house.  Rebecca de Ravenel’s home is just that….
5. I AM buying this light fixture for my living room! Let’s just hope my kids don’t knock it off the wall. 
6. I love sipping tequila drinks. I’m a bit of a tequila snob though and will only drink the good stuff! (it is so much better) This pretty drink is called, The Paloma (image and recipe found on Goop).
4 1/2 cups of Grapefruit soda
6 limes, lime juice and wedges
A shot of silver tequila

** don’t ask why the typing is not cooperating on my blog…I had no time to fix it. Have a fabulous weekend!! xo

2 thoughts on “Shelter Loves”

  1. Please insta your pirate outfit, I would love to see what the heck that looks like! They make some odd requests sometimes, but I guess- why not?!

  2. Lauren Santo Domingo does indeed look elegant, though when I first glanced at the photo I thought she was doing a Pilates move (a difficult one), because she is so in alignment–not the way one would sort of slouch to the side if one was lounging. But maybe she's so elegant she never slouches. Lucky her.

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