Shelter Loves

I LOVE the excitement that Friday brings! Everyone seems happier on a Fridays, don’t you think?? I especially enjoy the Friday that kicks off the summer – Happy Memorial Day!! It’ll be tough not to pour a glass of wine before 4 pm today…I’ve been a good girl all week. xx

Onto my loves….

1. Do you follow Sincerely Jules?? (great name btw, wink) Her insta posts share not only her fabulous, easy going style but her jet setting lifestyle and collaborations with Soludos. Check out her blog here.  These adorable espadrilles are available here. I am guessing these or another pair will wind up in my basket before the end of today! I kick off every summer with a pair or two of espadrilles.

2. Another pair! If these look like this on.. I’m sold. Did I mention a number of espadrilles are on sale!!???

3. This combo of tile, raw wood and copper is fabulous.

4. Pretty much. Life can get tricky. I feel like I am always trying to perfect “it” along with everything I do. (my eating, my body, my design work, my parenting, my home etc. etc. etc.)  It can get plain exhausting…Sometimes winging it works great, if not better!! I mean, don’t get me wrong, education is amazing but instincts are pretty wonderful too.

5. I’m not a bug person but this bracelet is all kinds of cute!!

6. I am sure I have mentioned my love for Nantucket in the past!! Luckily for me it is only a 45 minute ride down RTE 3 and a one hour fast ferry cruise away. I won’t make it there this weekend for Fugawi but I can still admire the great architecture from afar. At one point this was Tommy Hilfiger’s weekend estate..


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