Shelter Loves….

Friday already?? This week really did fly..I could use a few more hours to work! I’m feeling inspired lately, the change of seasons can do that. Here is what I’m eyeing! Hope your weekend is as fabulous as you!

1. Copper but copper and brass?? Even better. These lights are beautiful.. Now I need to find a place to use them..A powder room perhaps??? Or a three season porch?? Find them here.  I especially love that they are from a decommissioned boat!!! Design that tells a story is so interesting and usually spot on. (p.s. I am also warming up to shiny nickel again. There is something very clean about it)

2. Julia? Gorgeous all the time. I am still on a huge stripe kick this summer. You should see the adorable shirt I picked up yesterday! It’ll be perfection with white jeans. I posted it on insta.

3. This is in my cart! I think I need the yellow or both!!

4. Okay, so I am always on the hunt for rugs for my wonderful clients. This is beautiful. It is Chinese and referred to as a Baotou Rug. 

5. All too often we put others before ourselves. To remain balanced and happy you really need to put yourself first sometimes..Remember that! Moms are especially guilty of this. kiss kiss.

6. I love a few things about this image but I’m really focusing on the brilliant idea to hide the tv, the hinged door conceals the entire shelving system when closed! This is a common design question, to hide or not hide the television!!?? 

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