Shelter Loves 12.28

I took a much needed day off from blogging and working yesterday! It’s amazing what one free weekday will do for the soul! I’m back today with my “shelter loves” series. I’m all about clean color, spaces and design right now! I love the holidays and have had a great 2012 but I love the cathartic feeling of a fresh start and new year!

1. I’m not jetting away this winter, I need to save, save, save but I still love all the inspiring, colorful resort lines. These sandals would work with almost any look. I’ll have to keep them in mind for summer!
2. Yes please to fresh white, lace details and tassel sandals. I love everything about this photo.
3. Loving Ankasa’s ikat print for Beacon Hill.
4. + 6 A brass vintage lotus leaf lamp is certainly on my new home wish list. Look at these stunners.
5. A recent client pick for a teenage girl’s bedroom. These extra cozy blankets come in an array of colors.
7. A little bling for New Year’s Eve and 2013. I predict you’ll continue to see the dynamic mix of lady like details with an edge in 2013!
8. I wear scarfs all year round. This new Tory Burch one with the pom pom detail is adorbs…
9. How pretty are gold tasseled balloons? They’re perfect for almost any festive occasion. Buy them here, or make them yourself!!

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