Shelter Loves 10.12.12

I can’t even pretend to have my life in order this week. I moved yesterday so my life is in boxes. Well not my life, but the “things” that help me organized and sane like clothing, toiletries etc. If you’ve ever moved and have lived someplace temporarily (as I am while I search for a home) then I’m sure you can feel my pain! I really wanted to share a post today..Here’s what I’m ADORING this week! Happy Weekend. I’ll be back everyday very soon  – promise! xxx

1. I’m admiring this gorge cuff from here
2. Little, flexible stools covered in fun graphic like leopard and snakeskin.
3. Olivia Palermo – she always looks stunning but what I really love is how she mixes fresh trends with classic pieces. I donated about twenty large bags of clothes last week. I just couldn’t hang onto all the clothing I never wore but some how still felt I needed!! Going forward I want to think like the french when it comes to my fashion choices. I’m going to purchase a couple of high quality, classic pieces a season and layer in a few less expensive funky more avant-garde choices, such as bags, baubles and scarfs !!
4. I’m so excited for the launch of Kelly and Nate’s books this Fall. They both look fab. and I highly admire both their design philosophies. (Nate’s collection for Target launches 10/21!!)
5. I really want a polka dot sweater. This cashmere sweetie is from J. Crew.

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