Shelter loves

Hello Loves! The time I spend reaching out to you all via Shelter means everything to me. The creating keeps me sane, the gathering of images and ideas makes me happy and the writing has gotten me through some of the most challenging moments of my life. I’ve been so inspired by people’s stories, places, moments, spaces and my children lately! Peace out, wishing you all an amazing weekend! I’m off to pack my bag and head up north for a much needed long weekend!! Also, wishing two of the most inspirational, kind, and loving people I know a VERY Happy Birthday!! I love you Mom and Dad. I can’t wait to celebrate you this weekend!! xo

1. I feel a sense of calm the moment I cross over the border into Vermont. 
2. Tassel earrings? Yes, please.
3. I love layered, neutral interiors as much as colorful ones. The key is to mix and layer textures, pattern and color like David did here. And that tufted french cushion sectional?? Gah, I may need to design one for myself. 
4. THIS. (be patient with yourselves too)
5. We just ordered this gorgeous rug for under my client’s beautiful grand piano. I’ve been working on the Buckminster project for some time now. It’s going to be out of control when finished!! It has evolved over time, so we’ve carefully considered every detail.

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