Seriously, break out the china

{I have long loved this image and Kelly Wearstler’s china patterns for Pickard (below) – am very into these colors right now!}My husband and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary last night {not sure where the time goes}, we relaxed at home over dinner, wine and dessert with our three year old son. {Emerson our 7 month old daughter was sleeping – this is a rare occasion really}. After reading Amy Dragoo’s quote via La Dolce Vita yesterday, I decided I had to break out our china! Here’s Amy’s motto: Life is too short, eat off the good china! I couldn’t agree more Amy. It’s the simple details, that make the difference! So tonight, I encourage you to “eat off the good china”. It was really nice, I think I’ll do it more often…

10 thoughts on “Seriously, break out the china”

  1. Happy Anniversary! This line is gorgeous – and this photo is amazing inspiration for tablesettings for the upcoming fall season – I've already got it saved for a possible Thanksgiving table!

  2. I realize I am a little late to your tea party… but thank you *so* much for linking to ABCD Design!

    My mother in law was the type who only brought out "the good china" on holidays and was beyond mortified when she learned that me and the Mr. eat even simple sandwiches off of the good stuff. A huge part of eating is visual ~ why wouldn't you want each meal to be beautiful? 🙂

    Hope you're enjoying that china.

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