Since I’m single and hopefully will soon be divorced from a not so nice man. (fingers crossed). I like to think of Valentine’s Day as a universal holiday that’s not just for couples. Today is a day for everyone to enjoy the small and precious matters of the heart! A warm hug from your little one, a call to a relative, a drink with a friend! Enjoy and appreciate all the love in your life today!
Happy Valentine’s Day to you, my AMAZING readers. You helped me through my darkest hour last year, and you don’t even know it! I want to thank you for that!
xoxo, Julie

17 thoughts on “Remember”

  1. Absolutely, Julie. And when you have little ones, how much more fun is today anyway? I've emailed you offline before but your strength and yet VERY tactful openness about what you have been through are so inspiring. I hope you are snuggling your babies, popping some champagne, and wearing pink.

  2. Our focus is on having fun and celebrating with our girls, like a heart shape pizza for dinner. My husband and I have date nights throughout the year. He did bring home ice cream for a surprise. I'm happy that you are in a better place! Just think what next year will bring! Thanks for a great blog read and Happy Valentine's day

  3. For years I felt left out of Valentine's Day,due to divorce and single. Then I changed my attitude, and included all whom I loved. You have learned this lesson much sooner than I. You are going to be just fine!

  4. I think it was Shelley who wrote: "when the half-gods go, the full-gods come"; so now that you are finally able to "sweep clean your front porch" you open yourself up to all kinds of wonderful gifts from the universe. May God bless and keep you and yours!

  5. I dont know you, but I love you and your blog (totally not in a creepy way though haha) You always have the best inspiration and love color just like I do!

    I hope you had a great Valentine's day with your kids!

  6. Hi Julie
    i've been reading your blog for over a year and adore every post. While I've never posted here before, I want you to know that you have gotten me through a pretty tough year, too. a new job has been absolutely draining and your blog has been the perfect antidote. Thank you.


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