Red, white and blue….Monday

Because of this (Julian Edelman is my new favorite Patriot’s player by the way…)
and this! (this shirt is already sold out – bummer) People can say what they want about the Pats. Tom Brady is hands down one of the best quarterbacks to ever play football!! I also just learned his Mom wouldn’t let him play the game until he was thirteen. That gives me even more reasoning power at home with my seven year old son, who seems to have a natural knack for and love of the sport already.

I am all about a little bit of red, white and blue on this dreary, snowy Monday. My kids are home from school for the fourth day in a week. This patriotic color palette is timeless when done right. To avoid it from looking too kitschy and over the top be sure to infuse other colors into the mix. In the below photos the neutrals, animal prints and addition of other colors keep Meredith Heron’s home from looking like the forth of July. More details on this gorgeous home here.

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