Random Happiness + Giving Thanks!

I’m thankful for so much and so many people in my life. Here’s a round up and a few of my thoughts!

I’m thankful for working in such a creative field, I spend my days trying my best to devise unique concepts and designs for my clients and ideas for my little blog. The people I work with and all the gorgeous images I peruse are truly an inspiration! I presented a nursery/children’s design this past week. It’s a pleasure working with my clients to create environments that better their lives! Kids spaces are always a favorite! These are currently two of my favorite kids spaces (found via Pinterest –  is it okay to say i’m thankful for that too, work wise, it’s a designer’s dream) image 1. via

This image falls into the random happiness category of this post! I love dressing up this time of year!
Earrings: Lulu Frost (LOVE her jewels) via J.Crew
I’m thankful for all my amazing clients (you know who you are!!), you’re a pleasure to work with and that my interior design business continues to thrive!! Above is a sneak peek of a project I’m about to have photographed. Image: Shelter
I’m thankful for the upcoming holiday season and enjoy gathering with my family and friends. I adore you all, thanks for all your love and support this year!! This image is magical isn’t it?? I’ll be lucky to purchase a house a 1/4 of this size, but I can appreciate a show stopper when I see one!
 I love to try to new recipes..this one looks delectable.

I’m thankful for my little ones, they force me to stop, breathe and appreciate the simple pleasures in life, like our nightly reading hour. My five year son has asked me to read this book all week. The message is so inspirational and spot on! If you’re feeling frustrated, lost or even a bit overwhelmed with life, sit and read this Dr. Seuss classic! Everything usually turns out okay, even better then okay!
I’m of course thankful for my health. (that sort of goes without saying but I feel I need to mention this)
And finally, I’m thankful for you, my wonderful readers. Your support of my growing blog is very, very much appreciated!! If there’s any type of post you’d like to see or if you just have a random question, never hesitate to drop me a note!!! Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!!! – xx, Julie

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