Provincetown visit!

Some of my friend’s and I (including Matty) headed to Provincetown or what New Englanders dub “P-town” last Saturday. We are now coining this venture the annual “p to p” trip. Provincetown is located at the very tip of Cape Cod. We took an 1 1/2 ferry trip over from Plymouth, Ma. and spent the day eating, shopping and having a few cocktails! It was a blast. P-town is a fun, colorful, diverse coastal community. Next time I would love to visit for the night. I hear the parties are not to be missed! Here are some highlights and a few of my photos along with a darling boutique B + B that I may need to stay at next year!
We ate an amazing lunch here!!

Not sure why this turned out so blurry. Matty and I are on the far left hand side of the photo!
A photo of the boat ride home.

Salt House Inn

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