Pretty pink, please

I started my day off with a delightful client meeting. She embraced her own style and wasn’t afraid of color! Her home had loads of character and she had a great eye for one of a kind vintage finds! That’s always a bonus in my world. We got to talking about colors for her home, prints, schemes and all that design “stuff”, which got me thinking about the idea of introducing one colorful upholstered piece into a room. I think pops of color look best balanced with neutrals, and moments of peace, not everything in your design should shout for equal attention.
Come March, I crave the shades of pretty blooms and fresh grass. I definitely think I see a pink upholstered “something” in my near future and hopefully home! I’ve been saving an array of inspirational images this winter….

I helped choose this punchy pink shade with white piping for my friend Sarah, from Lil Hoot blog. (Sarah has fabulous taste! How cute is this photo of her french bulldogs?)

These metal chair’s look fab in pink. Hmm, not sure if that’s an actual shutter but it feels out of place to me!
India Hick’s home
Love the design of Lee’s sofa. Custom, custom indeed.. I also love the idea of an over sized coffee table.

12 thoughts on “Pretty pink, please”

  1. Julie – I'm always attracted by a bold color on anything (mirror frame, piano) but have yet to (oh wait, I do have an all red chair and ottoman) …any way, I do hesitate because I don't want too many Big Impacts creating visual clutter.

    I am impressed at how many of these pinks begin to look like neutrals (especially the last photo).


  2. I am working with a client who, in our first meeting, said that she has decided that pink is an empowering color. "Yea!" I thought, bold pink with orange in a contemporary space! Lot's of white give the same balance that your neutrals do, while offering the contemporary feel she is looking for. I can not wait to post final picture in mu blog!

  3. I would love something upholstered in pink, its such a young, fresh color. My husband needs a little talking into though. That being said, India Hicks home has a pink sofa and is still manly at the same time. Thats a perfect example to show him- thank you!!

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