I’m on a mission to find artwork for not one but two clients right now. I’ve always wanted to use either one oversized or a series of horse photographs in a design. They’re such beautiful animals. The above images are by Patrick Cline and are available through Lonny’s Etsy site.
These two images are by photographer Jennifer MaHarry. The beautiful quality of light creates a dream like feeling in these photographs.
I obviously can’t discuss photographs of horses without mentioning the amazing “larger then life” work by Robert Dutesco. His horse series is amazing. 

I’m sure you’ll recognize Michelle Adam’s apartment and the two Patrick Cline images.

9 thoughts on “powerful…”

  1. ahhhhhh. i love all of these. i want to find a way to use a huge portrait of one of my own horses in my dining room without being cliche. cliche because theres no affording the real deal type of pic, and theres also no way I can take a good enough picture myself to hang on the wall, so it would look pretty amateur-hour.

    i LOVE this. t hanks for sharing!


  2. We have 2 horses, and I just love Equestrian accents. I would love to hang a gallery wall of closeups of our guys…great photos-thanks for sharing!


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