Pool Days…..

If I ever move from this house, my next home will have a pool! (a girl can dream)

We spent the day yesterday at Matty’s parent’s pool. Be it a pool or the ocean, there is nothing more refreshing than a dip in the water on a muggy, hot day. Today, is a different story than yesterday…. I am working from home with another child (poor girlie) with the stomach bug!!  I only have ac in the bedroom so I’m taking the opportunity to dream with this post! These images combine what my dream pool would look like. Aerin Lauder’s entire property is of course drop dead gorgeous. I would however like some kind od tasteful surround around my “dream” pool. I hope you enjoy this escape as much as I did! Keep cool + always dream! xx

This pool house is perfection!!
I love the idea of boxwoods and comfy furniture around the pool! A blue and white scheme and stripes would also be my choice!
I love a clean lined pool with a simple surround.

2 thoughts on “Pool Days…..”

  1. I have a pool. Come use it. No one else does. It looks enchanted, with an unpainted picket fence covered in roses and ivy and the pool house is the same unfinished wood that makes it look like elves live there .. the wisteria is trying to take over the fence and the pool and the planet and there are birds everywhere .. hummingbirds even.
    And yes, I live in NY.

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