Picture Perfect – Weekly Room

Wow! This is more like a corner of a room (or maybe foyer) but I love it! In a perfect world, the floors would be toned down a bit but I love the sweet table vignette, the grid of moody art work and that gorgeous console! Image via: A gift wrapped life

10 thoughts on “Picture Perfect – Weekly Room”

  1. lol, I treasure my Hermes boxes 🙂
    I should stack them on the coffee table..like my friend who used to put her newest pair of shoes out on a table somewhere so she could look at them.
    I didn't say my "normal" friend, did I?

  2. Oh wow! I Love when spaces make a big statement without coming off as too cluttered or too over the top. This is perfection!

    PS I'm doing a giveaway to promote charity. Come check it out!

  3. This is beautiful. Love the console and the orange boxes. I like the idea of putting some storage like that under a table. Might have to give it a try.

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