Picture Perfect – Room of the Week Post is starting again!

I took a little break from posting a featured room of the week but one gorgeous photo can speak volumes..so my favorite room of the week post is back! Word is it’s going to reach 80 degrees today in Boston! We’ll see as it’s still on 55′ – I sent my little man off in shorts and a fleece anyways!Now about this room! It’s by the queen of avant garde – Kelly Wearstler. I love everything about this space, the floor design, the sculptural array of furniture, the mirrored ceiling grid, the choice of lighting…I could go on. Kelly never misses a detail, I find her work inspirational, see her newly updated website for more gorgeous shots.(side note) I recently painted my living room a similar shade of gray as seen in the photo! It took a few days to get used to but I’m loving its luminous quality. It’s a beautiful shade with undertones of blue/green. Color : C2 – Dorian Gray.

15 thoughts on “Picture Perfect – Room of the Week Post is starting again!”

  1. Beautiful post! When I first saw the photos, though, I though the one on the right was a continuation of the room on the left and the flowers, statue and the box were life size and sitting on the floor! That's was happens when you read your emails before coffee!

  2. You can always count on Kelly Werstler to put an interesting spin on a room….so much to take in. I'm glad you're posting a weekly room. Sometimes we just have a space that must be absorbed in total. This was one of them.

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