Picture Perfect – Room {corner} of the Week

So I’m still not getting much sleep nor down time lately, but I’m not one to complain {right}. No really, I’m a lucky girl… but I think everyone could use a cozy spot like this to chill out in from time to time.Image: HighStreetMarket

18 thoughts on “Picture Perfect – Room {corner} of the Week”

  1. Perhaps I missed your post about lack of sleep .. I think sleep is overrated sometimes. I woke at 3am to snoring hubby and meowing cat .. and have now been blogging around for an hour. i must go to bed (after I finish on your blog of course)!! happy sleeping

  2. Ever since I was little I've always wanted a window seat to curl up on with a book. Definitely making a space like this a priority in my future home. P.S Thank you SO much for adding me to your blog roll, I'm a big fan! xx

  3. I have all three of those Jon Robshaw pillows for sale here @ Anchor Cottage. I have a tunic by Tracey Porter in the orange Ikat. Fun to see my stuff on someone else's page!

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