A Peek Inside: Dorothee Schumacher’s home

There are many things I love about my job, but I’d have to say one of the most rewarding aspects of being an interior designer is capturing my client’s personalities with their home design. I want their homes to reflect their style, tastes, interests etc. etc., not mine. Oh, I may recommend an idea that they hadn’t thought of (because that’s also my job) but I strive to please them throughout the process! I never tire of receiving a call from a thrilled client when they come home to their design installation for the first time!

I always enjoy popping over to the The Selby. He does such an amazing job of not only composing  gorgeous images, but each creative photo captures the essence of the person who resides in the space. I was recently drawn to the home of fashion designer Dorothee Schumacher. (Also, take a peek at her fashion site, her creations are beautiful). (photographs by: Todd Selby)

Yowza – look at her closet!

I also loved her answer to The Selby’s last interview questionnaire.

Dorothee’s designs

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  1. omg – even though there were beautiful jewels, clothes and interiors portrayed, all i could think was "does she really have a miniature horse!" It's so adorable! LOL


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