Order Please!

The holidays were sort of a whirlwind, love them but I’m also ready for my routine again. There’s something reassuring about starting fresh in the New Year. I mean realistically not much changes between the 31st and the 1st but the concept of a clean slate and new year is always motivating for me! 2012 was really a great year personally. I grew, healed, moved, landed a great new contract with Ace Hardware. I could go on but I think you get the picture. I’m hoping to keep the momentum going and top it all off in 2013! As you know my number ONE priority besides being the best mommy I can be and growing my busy biz, is to find a house! I’m craving order. 90% of my belongings are in storage. I don’t miss much, so I’ll most likely have a second round of purging when I do find a house! 
I loved Cassandra of Coco and Kelley’s New Year Post. She selected a word that sets the tone for her year ahead. Read all about it here..it was an inspirational idea and I’d have to say most of what she shared resonated with me! I wanted to do the same and chose a word. I kept coming back to one simple word. ORDER. I want to create order in all facets of my life! I’m in transition, which can be pretty unsettling. 2013 is going to be about accomplishing tasks and instilling organization. When I finally discover a little home, that too will serve as a fresh, clean starting point. I intend to try my best to keep my home and belongings refined and arranged. ORDER = BALANCE and BALANCE = PEACE. I will always own and be drawn to pretty objects, books, dishes, shoes etc etc. but I want to keep things buttoned up but gorgeous, much like these images do! Have you thought of a word to channel for 2013?

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