ooooohh la la!

Aerin Lauder

I love entertaining and dream of hosting a party one day with an evening of good food, music and a long beautifully decorated table much like these!! Feast your eyes on my recent favorites! 
Can Aerin Lauder do anything wrong design wise lately? I think NOT! I’m excited to pre order her new book.The inspiration for my new home is sort of going to be a cross of New England classic with laid back Cali cool. Yikes, painting is almost done. I’ll share some quick pics of the colors next week!

Aerin Lauder

5 thoughts on “ooooohh la la!”

  1. so lovely! I can't decide which image I like best….

    hope you'll share a glimpse of your home when it is time for a "reveal" sounds like it is going to be beautiful!

  2. I absolutely love the tables you set up! They are so well decorated and the colors leave you breathless! Spectacular work. Beautiful designs. Thanks so much for the awesome ideas. You are great!

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