One Quick Thing…

I am looking forward {as in, toward Spring + a fresh start}. I will absolutely be buying myself a new pair of light, slightly worn jeans! I love the look and most of Olivia Palmero’s looks for that matter! Cheers to a new week and looking ahead {but also enjoying today}
images: J. Crew, J. Crew {scanned by me}, Pinterest

12 thoughts on “One Quick Thing…”

  1. Where do I begin!? Your blog is fabulous!! The images are always fresh & stunning – you have an incredible eye for color. Everything you post is always inspiring. Keep up the awesome work!

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    oh and by the way bitch! You look like you could give a MEAN HANDJOB!

  3. I am not sure where the jeans or jacket are from, but I would think you could pull this look together with some similar finds…maybe I'll look myself, if i have a minute!! J

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