On my mind….

 Hello, hello..I just need to throw this out there..I’m feeling frustrated lately!! I won’t get into the nitty gritty details but there are definitely a few (hundred) things on my mind right now! I’ll share a few of them with you….
FIRST OFF: I’m pretty much divorced now (thank god), seriously I won’t get into the details of how long that ridiculous process just took but after the 120 day waiting period, I’ll finally have that closure in my life!! Whoo, Hoo. I very much want to find a house but securing a new place in the Boston area, in a nice town, as a single, professional mother is NO easy task. On a bright note I do know that the front door will be colorful! I’m loving these yellow, blue and coral colors right now!! So when I do find the perfect spot I’ll have no lack of ideas nor blog post material!! (another plus)
SECONDLY: I’m so NOT into anything safe and boring right now!!! Safe and boring interiors (no thanks), safe and boring dating (no thanks, this doesn’t mean I want to date crazies or complete assholes but some unique interests would be a refreshing change), safe and boring dressing (no thanks). You only live once, why take the boring route?? Boston can be a bit DULL at times!! Just had the throw that out there..sorry.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Everything about this room is perfect to me! I’ve used this rug in a project, and I STILL adore it! The brown velvet sofa and gold leaf table are amazing!!! I may have to design a custom gold leaf table soon..
Elle Decor
these looks aren’t crazy but they’re classic with a bit of an edge!
THIRDLY: Mother nature could we please get some warm beach weather on the weekends. 58 degrees in June just isn’t cutting it for me! I have yet to wear a sundress or shorts this summer season! If Southern California weren’t across the country, I think I’d have to move there. For reals.

AND FINALLY: For some reason my hair has been so dry and fly away lately. The heavy, silkiness of it is virtually gone! I hope it’s not the 7 year rule kicking in on me. I’ve been using my same hair products and even spent a fortune on a deep conditioner. I would LOVE any tricks or products ideas if you have them! Thanks in advance.

 Thanks a million for listening to my rant! I’m healthy and so are my kids and family, so I DO KNOW  that’s what really counts. I guess I’m just feeling unsettled on a number of fronts and need a little positive change in my life! Have a wonderful week all!! xx – Julie

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  1. move a little north to Essex. Great school system for the kids. By the water, great restaurants. And there happens to be a little house there that would love a visit from you for some design advice. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I hope you get your brightly-colored door soon! I love your blog and wish you the best. I wish for you some excitement and boldness! And warm weather. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. … and you know what? You just got rid of a lot of bottled up stuff…LOL! GOOD FOR YOU!!

    Paint your new from door yellow, if it makes you happy!
    Go on some cool dates, talk to people that make you go out of your comfort zone, dress like YOU want to and remember to take care of you (and your kids), then the fly-aways will calm down, life will fall into place and your dream home will be just around the corner!! Good luck to you, looking forward to following along!

    Remember, we all have shit in our life from time to time, sounds like you just got rid of a whole lot of it ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I'm with you sister! Bright doors, bright clothes and fun people! It's what lifes's all about and when you get a second chance you want to not waste time playing it safe! Sounds like you are getting there. Best of luck to you.


    p.s. My hair is a nightmare too. Must be summer. I think the Pureology line for blonde hair is really helping and I use body lotion or olive oil on my ends- just a bit.

  5. Hi Julie, congratulations on your divorce, geez I feel your waiting pain on that. What a pia mine was!
    Secondly, I'm with you on the non boring! Pfft boring.
    And lastly, vent away, it's good to get it out. Sometimes just saying something helps the good vibes levels shoot up.

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