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Simply put, I LOVE MUSIC, so when I come across something amazing, I feel the need to share it.
This post isn’t directly related to the visual qualities of design, but I firmly believe that great music goes along way in creating an environment. Creating dynamic spaces involves the five senses, not just the visual aspects. I always tell my students design is an overall experience, not just an aesthetic one.

I have been very into Duffy’s music lately, she has been nominated for three Grammy awards!
{The 51st annual Grammy’s will air on February 9th}

For 2009, I have decided to add a new sidebar list to my blog. I will list a new favorite song(s) of the week, it may be new or old, in any case, it will set the perfect entertaining tone for your home. Hope you enjoy the addition.

At the moment, Syrup and Honey is my favorite!

click links for sample, cheers!


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