For me, each month brings a fresh approach and different vibe! November quickly ushers in the raw weather in Boston but it also entices me to enjoy more cozy evenings indoors and home cooked meals. I’m already thinking about my Thanksgiving day recipes. (I actually had a few minutes to myself this weekend. It was a nice change.)

I awoke feeling inspired and refreshed! I also made a little time between emails and client projects for a quick peek at this month’s Lonny magazine. It arrived in my inbox this morning. I’m craving a snug home with rich colors and layered objects.

If you were to ask me one piece of advice I give to each of my clients no matter their personal style I’d say it is to: “take risks”. 95% of the time my clients are thrilled when they try something a bit different or slightly out of their comfort zone. I’m by no means in the business of talking my clients into something they don’t like but I do tell them if it feel slightly unsafe now, in the end, they’ll most likely love it!! The home pictured below by designer Samantha Knapp does just this. It’s an unexpected explosion of colors, textures and objects. The off-beat mix creates a cohesive, livable and inviting home! I’m trying to create that feeling with my new home. I’m struggling a bit with some of my “typical” furniture pieces. (they don’t fit!! grrr) I may have to ditch convention for a bit without sacrificing function. I’m excited to see how it turns out! My budget is running low so I have to make due for now with what I own! I’m pretty sure I can make it work. I’m looking forward to sharing the end results over the next couple months with you all.

Happy Monday and November !! xx

and Rachel Bilson’s home
This sofa!! I need this blue velvet sectional in my life someday!
For additional photographs and more on these homes visit Lonny here.

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