Not Ready,

I’m definitely not ready to say good bye to the summer yet. I’d love to sneak in another beach day or two! I’ve been working on my bucket list and both goals big and small lately. There’s something so uplifting about crossing an item off that list. The act itself is usually the impetus for the next item in the mix. Don’t you think? If you read my blog with any regularity you’ve probably figured out that I love the beach..I’m still searching for my cottage and continue to gather and pin away all my ideas for my new home. Those of you who frequent my blog have most likely already gathered that I also have an appreciation for most things “Southern Californian” (I could do without the traffic and fires of course) but that laid back, open minded, and somewhat easy chic vibe def. speaks to me on a number of levels. Although this home is a bit masculine (two men live there) I still love it. It’s the seaside apartment of the crazy talented Eric Hughes and Nathan Turner. Oh and btw I’m still loving the blue trend right now, I’ll be taking that in a heavier fashion right into the Fall with me! I’m also going to extend the summer as long as possible, in fact I have my first ever surf lesson this Friday! I’ve wanted to try surfing for years…pretty excited about that bucket list item! Happy Monday!
Images via Elle Decor website. Photos by: William Abranowicz

5 thoughts on “Not Ready,”

  1. I poured over this spread! LOVE everything about the house. Screams summer and California cool! Hoping for Indian summer. Good luck w the surf lesson. Sooo fun!

  2. Totally with you. Our summer has been the hottest July ever with a very hot May and June. August has had primarily 70s with cold nights. I dislike it. Everyone else is happy because of the cooler weather but I live for nights in the 80s. At the very least, I hope fall weather holds off until October.


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