Neon and Cream

Well I’m off for a few days of R + R. I’ll need to bring my lap top with me and hope there’s service on the ferry. I actually have a ton to wrap up and feel guilty about jetting but Summer is so short in Boston that I refuse to let it pass without a get away or two. I’m going to head up stairs to pack now, you can bet I’ll be bringing neon pink and white/cream with me! I still love this bright, cheery color combo! I’ll return on Monday! Cheers….
So can you have your cake and eat it too?? I think so, as long as you work REALLY hard when you’re not jetting of someplace amazing!! I see a neon frosted cake in my future…

8 thoughts on “Neon and Cream”

  1. Love the look and that gown is amazing (despite my lack of love for the mullet style dresses!). The cake looks rather delicious too, but I hate to think how much food colouring is required to get that gorgeous shade of pink! Have a great trip xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)


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