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I took a break from my own home design this summer..but now with Fall approaching {can’t really believe it’s 9.1} I need to finish my baby girl’s nursery! I of course always love sharing my finished spaces with you, so I’ll be sure to do so..! I’ve definitely decided I am going to design her headboard {there is a guest bed, that will eventually be her bed in the room} and call it Emerson {her name} and add it to my furniture line! {that’s in the works and will be open, for sale, and added to my website by mid-winter – beyond excited about this!}..So here’s my question to you..because you may be future customers right? What’s your favorite? I will of course tweak the design a bit, but I’m leaning towards a timeless, feminine feel! {oh and would I love to use Leontine Linens? – you bet cha,, but unless they have a huge sale, it’s not going to happen in a child’s room}
{ps. I’m off to West Elm to pick out my rug – see previous post here}

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  1. Here's a thought….although all the headboards you picked are highly decorative and look wonderful consider a simple geometric rectangle. I've had a slipcovered headboard for a number of years and I appreciate the flexibility of throwing different coverings over it for seasonal changes. Just as I change my sheets (lighter Robshaw in summer and darker for winter) I also change the look of the board. I have a graphic chocolate and burgandy quilt I use in the winter or sometimes an Argentinian blanket and in the summer I have different fabrics included a sweet K. Ireland check. It keeps the room fresh and interesting.

  2. Although all your choices are highly decorative and wonderfully girly consider a simple geometric rectangle. I have an ancient slipcovered Restoration headboard and I really appreciate the ability to change the look seasonally much as I change the sheets (from a summery Robshaw to a darker charcoal flannel for the cooler weather). I have a graphic burgandy and chocolate quilt or an Argentinian blanket for winter and a sweet K. Ireland check as well as other odd pieces of fabric in summer that I throw over the headboard. The changes keep the room from going stale. And your daughter may appreciate the ability to grow up with various looks as she gets older.

  3. I vote for #3. I like how all the cut detailing is towards the outside of the headboard leaving a larger arch at the center. And it seems it can be dressed up with nailhead or contrast welt without it getting to be too much.
    Can't wait to see it!

  4. I love your #3 choice! I just started reading your blog and have enjoyed scrolling through all of your old posts! You may have already decided on a design, but there is something more interesting about #3 than the others to me!


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