Must go…

How coooool is this chair? It’s a piece of sculpture.

I’ve got to jet down to NYC for the 39th annual Kips Bay Show house this year!!
For more sneak peeks visit Lonny’s blog here. ** I love the free pink brush strokes by Amanda Nisbet.  I think it may be wallpaper. This could work free hand, do I dare try it in a tiny space?

Happy Sunday! 
I am sipping wine and working on a project.
Did anyone head to Target today for the launch of the Calypso St. Barth’s line?? I did and was so bummed that they didn’t have the gold pouf! They only had the silver. I will find it, maybe it’s on line?
 images via: Lonny Blog.

9 thoughts on “Must go…”

  1. same thing here on calypso–no gold poof, only silver. And the gold is NOT on line. A friend in San Francsico said her local store had 7 poofs, and they sold out in the first 75 minutes. The rest of the housewares were a bit disappointing, but I wanted EVERYTHING for my little girls!

  2. I agree, I scooped a few things for my daughter too. She's all set for the summer! Maybe the gold pouf will surface. They had one silver left near me.

  3. Ooh thanks for the reminder! I fell for the gold pouf when I saw the ad. I wonder if it's available at the Target closest to me! Hope you find it:) xo

  4. totally could replicate that brushstroke treatment. i went to local target yesterday and snagged two silver poufs for my 11 year old daughters room. i thought they were awesome, great vibe for her room, but she of course was disgusted! maybe will keep anyway for extra fun outdoor seating when needed. thought the rest of the line was only OK. did like the bright colored votives but didn't purchase.

  5. The wall covering in Amanda Nisbet's Room is actually wall upholstery. It is an existing pattern of hers called Positano, but the color is new (called Pink Lemonade). You can find it at Holland and Sherry…So glad you like!

    All the rooms were spectacular this year! Thank you for sharing and loving!

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