Mix it up: Vintage Tableware

There is something so fresh and fun about mixing
vintage tableware in with your everyday
china + porcelain! Below I’ve listed a few websites that sell
only “vintage tableware”.Another option is to discover your
own goodies at a yardsale ormaybe you desire a repro
that just looks old, but has nevergraced another table…
in any case..
Happy Hunting!
Photo credit: Bohemian Girl – Flickr
Searching for the perfect piece!
Photo: Ange Soleil, Flickr

Cabbage plate! This pattern looks great, mixed with modern
white pieces + chunky goblets

Vintage Hotel/Restaurant ware:http://www.parishotelboutique.com/
Image: The painted lady, Chicago.
Vintage place settings available

Vintage Hotel Silver, Source:http://www.poshchicago.com/

Hotel China: http://www.parishotelboutiqe.com/

Anthropologie has a great selection
(sorry for the small scale, I wasn’t able to enlarge these images)

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