Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors within architectural spaces can either be done VERY right or VERY wrong.(think 1980’s mirrored closet doors). I’ve found it’s best to stick with antiqued mirror on walls. Mirrors brighten and beautifully expand space. Let’s look at some fabulous examples shall we?
(I love the use of mirror used behind the fret work design on the closet and bathroom door above – the outcome is stunning!)
This mirror looks beautiful but I would have gone with an antiqued version myself!
I love the mirrored walls in this small city apartment
Glamour anyone?
This vanity is amazing! A nightmare to clean but fabulous none the less.

7 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror”

  1. The 1st image and the 3rd appealed to me most.
    I was just tying the other day to convince my husband that mirroring the panes in the french door in our dressing room would look good.. so far he is unimpressed. Men !

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