May – Color Crush – Marine blue..

Somewhere in the world between green and blue lives a beautiful shade of rich turquoise. I like to think of it as marine blue…It perfectly captures the tones of the ocean in the Northeast. It’s vibrant, bold but very livable! I’m dying to paint a library, pantry or bar with it!

Foyer: Amber Interiors/ Bar: Ashley Whittaker, Handbag, Bar: Miles Redd, Pantry: Ashley Whittaker, Sideboard

1 thought on “May – Color Crush – Marine blue..”

  1. That's the color of my shutters, which, being in the south of France, are practical and not just for looks. As a result of that color choice, it reappears all over–the tiles of the poolhouse shower, the stripe of the chaise longue cushions…..I never OD on it.


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