Lulu’s haven

I blogged about her book last Friday, now here’s a peek at Lulu Power’s home. Lulu’s abode is full of personal, colorful flourishes and bohemian style.I would love to have this feel on my patio {which we’re intending to complete this summer}. A little glamour, a little country, a bit bungalow but most importantly inviting! Her home is surrounded by gardens, I love this concept and have been gardening colorfully myself this summerimages: Better Homes and Gardens via LuLu Powers.

6 thoughts on “Lulu’s haven”

  1. This house is absolutely amazing. I love all the warm colors, it is so inviting. Anytime I think of doing things all white I see a place like this and change my mind all over again! (Love your blog too!)

  2. I LOVE HER!!!!! I tore these photos out of a magazine I don't even know how long ago- I NEED this to be my yard!! LOVE every bit of it! 😉

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