Love the look….

I’m headed to Bermuda for some much needed r + r on Friday a.m.. Here’s a sample of what is going to be in my suitcase. Matty and I have decided to share one, so I’m packing lightly!

1. I’m not one for spending a fortune on a bathing suit. They fade within a year or two anyway. This palm inspired Target one is fabulous and inexpensive!! (bottom)
2. I often wear classic Raybans..I’m kind of liking the pink shades!
3. A straw clutch will work perfectly in Bermuda. This one from J.Crew is currently on sale!
4. I’m popping into Lilly this week before I leave. No summer is complete without a new “preppy” sundress. I may get this one (not pictured here).
5. I ALWAYS wear sunblock on my face! I did too much damage in my teens and twenties not to be a fanatic about my skin now!
6. How cute is this classic t? I pair them with cut off shorts and white jeans.
7. I’ll be packing a bohemian beach cover up for sure!
8.  Jack Roger’s sandals. They’re timeless. I mean they still look amazing on pictures of Jackie O. !!
9. White jeans…nuff said!

Have a great week! xx

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