Love the look

A huge Fall trend is the cape or poncho (although I envision ponchos as something you pull over your head!) Either way, I prefer the versions that don’t have too much material. #4 doesn’t fall into that category but that looks more like a cozy blanket to me! I would wear it to a football game with jeans and brown boots! Here is my round up of my favorites. Are you going to jump on the cape trend?

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1 thought on “Love the look”

  1. LOVE the cape/poncho look! I got on board last fall, and love the way they look with skinny jeans! The only trouble I got into is that if you have a cape that's not super stretchy, it can be hard to drive! Your arms kind of get pinned to your sides and the seat belt goes on weird. I really only have one cape that isn't stretchy, so I don't think it is a huge problem! 😉

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