Love the look – what’s in my travel bag?

I arrived home last night from a whirlwind but fabulous trip to Idaho!! The people I met, along with the Ace and DBC team were amazing. It’s a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by such peaceful and helpful people especially in light of the recent news around our country! I thought I’d feature a post that takes a peek inside my travel bag! I often try to grab a healthy salad, almonds and lots of water to drink on board!


BAG: This MC Wallace bag is so functional and can be compressed and packed when not in use. It also comes in an large size that would be perfect for weekend get aways! I like that it is black and can be wiped down. We all know how travel can get messy and germy!! (is that even a word 😉 )

MAKEUP BAG: I always bring my makeup on the flight. I can only imagine arriving to my final destination to find my bag and even worse all my make up lost! 

HEADPHONES + of course my iphone and usually my mac book.

A SKETCHBOOK AND PENS: Because I never know when a brilliant idea or thought may strike! Le Pen are my favorite!

LIP GLOSS: for a quick pick me up after a long flight

MULTI PURPOSE LOTION: I can’t stand having parched skin. Flying is so dehydrating.

A LIGHTWEIGHT PULLOVER: I am either too cold or too hot on a plane, so I dress in layers. I always keep an extra cotton top in my bag. I am loving this brand, it is a nice alternative to Lulu Lemon.

A BOOK: I used to read all the time but since the advent of insta and social media I don’t read as much before bed. I plan to start reading more and always enjoy a book on my flights. This story came highly recommended. I am ordering it today!

HAND SANITIZER: again, germs!

A ZIP AROUND WALLET: I love Chloe bags.

SHADES: Nordstrom’s huge semi-annual sales begins on July 22nd. If you are a card member the sneak peek begins today!! There are lots of great deals, including these sunglasses!!




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