Love the look – skin protection at the beach….

From time to time I share more personal details on my blog. If you’re a regular reader then you’ve been privy to my skin cancer struggles. I visit my dermatologist every six months and too often they find either a basal cell or squamous skin cancer. Yesterday I had my fourth surgery to remove skin cancer in about six years. Basal cell carcinoma is not deadly (thank god) but it is damaging. It literally eats away at your skin and if not treated, can be disfiguring. I am on the mend today and am sharing the ways in which I am trying to repair my skin and prevent any further sun damage. The issues I am having today are from my exposure as a child/teenager. It’s never too late to take care of your skin and protect it, not only from cancer but from pre-mature damage and wrinkles. Most sun cancer is caused by the sun’s UV rays. Melanoma is very dangerous and can be deadly. I take my skincare and prevention pretty seriously now. I’d like to personally thank my doctor who preforms my surgery. If you live south of Boston. South Coast Dermatology is great. They are located in Weymouth Ma. Dr. Anderson-Dockter is wonderful and has performed most of my surgeries. She also shares important skincare information and tips on the SCD’s blog here.

Today I’ve shared the products I use to protect, nourish and treat my skin. I have one large scar and am hoping the new one on my shoulder isn’t too bad down the road. I also stay covered up as much as possible. I live five minutes from the beach, so enjoying the seaside is a part of my lifestyle. Long gone are the days of sun-in and tanning oil but I still enjoy peaceful days by the shore. I love that my children enjoy the excitement and beauty of the beach like I did as a child. I am just much wiser about it now, for my sake and theirs!

1. I wear a hat the entire time I am at the beach. I even wear it in the water! The wide brim protects my face, head and highlights! This one available here.
2. I began bringing an umbrella to the beach when my children were babies. Shade is a luxury on a hot day. This one is adorable.
3. I also protect my eyes and the fragile skin around my eyes! Sunglasses are a must.
4. I love coverups and beach dresses. Sometimes I’ll leave one on for extra protection.
5. I bought this yesterday. It came highly recommended by my doctor. It protects and repairs.
6. I am slightly addicted to my skin care routine and new products. This oil from Beauty Counter is a new favorite. I layer it under my skin cream.
7. Eye cream ? I cannot live without it!! This is a favorite! I mean I don’t want to sound vain, but I am trying my best to hold onto my complexion and youth. (Did you see this by Amanda Peet??)
8. I love a comfy slide for the walk to the beach.. These cover the tops of my feet up well. Have you tried this brand?? It’s great and reasonably priced.
9. Apparently retinol cream is the way to ago to keep your skin looking younger.. It refines your skin and fine lines..I own this brand. I am going to apply it at night and wash it off in the am.
10. I apply sun block liberally to myself and kids before we head outdoors. I purchased Elta MD for this summer’s trips, camp, beach days etc. It contains zinc and is also water proof.
11. My dear friend Sarah, who is also a Beauty Counter consultant, recommended I try this balm. I slather it on a few times a week at night before I go to bed. I awake with super nourished and softer skin. It is also a face wash! It’s magic in a jar! Trust me…
12. Lip balm with sunblock?? I can’t live without it. This version is paraben free!!

Peace out! Have a wonderful weekend. xx

3 thoughts on “Love the look – skin protection at the beach….”

  1. I wear a long-sleeve mock-turtleneck rash guard with swim shorts. Think Roxy or Billabong. I like to think I look like a fierce beach volleyball player. In any case, not having to put on sun lotion is so important at the beach. You can't wash your hands, the wet lotion is like a magnet for sand, it's just plain uncomfortable. So having all the burn-susceptible skin (except face) covered is a huge relief. And at home, it keeps the pool from getting an oily skim. T-shirts or rash guards are required at our house.
    I have read that you shouldn't use retinol if you're out in the sun. What does your dermatologist say?
    If we think of having sun capital, we have to make sure not to spend it all in our youth with careless sunburns. And we don't all have the same amount so we can't look at others and think that we're being reasonable. Others might have more genetic protection.

  2. I live In San Diego and have had two surgeries in the last 6 months so I know what you're going through. I play tennis and live where it's sunny all year so someone told me about a brand called Graced by Grit and they have great clothing (as nice as Lululemon) that has sun protection built in. The fabric is great. I don't have any personal interest in the company but I'm so happy I found something that protects me but is stylish so I thought I'd share it with you.


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