Love the look – Lee Radziwill

A group of us are heading to an Earth, Wind and Fire concert on Saturday night soooo of course I need to wear a look inspired by the carefree 70’s. I may actually be able to round up a few things around my house but I’m also heading to a nearby vintage clothing store tomorrow. Authentic pieces that embrace a snap shot in time resonate and intrigue me. I’ve shared my love of Jackie O’s style but her younger sister, Lee Radziwill was equally glamorous and a bit less buttoned up. (which I love!). I’ve posted Lee’s Parisian pied de terre and all it’s glory in the past but it’s just too good not to share again. I’ve also created an inspirational outfit for my “love the look” post.  Lee often felt out-shined by her older sis but she was and still is not only stunning but a sophisticated socialite who has worn an array hats! Here’s a peek!!


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