Love the look – gardening style

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Last summer Matty, the kids and I planted a vegetable garden. It was a team effort and it rewarded us all summer with a number of herbs and veggies. Last year my goal was to make delicious salads using what we had grown, this year I am going to take that a step further. I also plant flowers and will be adding more boxwood to the mix. I’m continually trying to layer my gardens… I was inspired to put together this “look” after reading a bit more about Susan Hable Smith’s beautiful property featured in this month’s Better Homes and Gardens.  It is a great interview sharing the creative process she uses for both her art and very popular textile designs sold through her company, Hable Construction. I especially like to use their fabrics ( the Hable sisters began the company) in kid’s spaces. Susan looks to her gardens for both color and style direction. She does much of her work at home in an open and airy studio behind her home. Susan had the re-purposed structure moved to her property.
I would love to create a transition between my front and back yard with arbor much like this one.
All Images and more on Susan Hable Smith’s company, home and design process here

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