Love the look for running….

This post is in support of everyone running the Boston marathon today…My brother in law is going to be running so we are heading into Boston to cheer him on in a few minutes!! I do a little running myself, nothing crazy, but I do enjoy an occasional 5K and run about four days a week! Running keeps me sane and in pretty good shape. It’s also efficient when you are tight on time.
Here is a peek at my typical gear for a race. Good Luck to all the runners!! Go Jonnie go!!

1. I start with a warm layering piece before I start a run.
2. Wireless headphones. I am investing in these!! The less cords the better!
3. A tank
4. Sports watch. I love to keep track of my mileage and pace.
5. Water bottle. It’s tough to run with water but I once got heat exhaustion and dehyration. I feel panicky if I don’t have at least a little water with me. This bottle should clip to a running belt. I may have to try it! I ran a 5K last week with a bottle in hand. It’s a pain!
6.  A colorful sports bra for extra support!
7. Fitted lulu lemon running tights.
8. An armband and a great music play list for my phone!
9. I have had good luck with Adidas running sneakers. They seem to be a little wider. I try to replace them every eight months or so! I’m in need of a pair now.

I’ve also recently downloaded this running Nike.  I love the larger font!

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