Love the look – flying must haves!

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Hola! How’s your week? Mine? Busy, but great. I took a quick day trip on Tuesday to film a short segment for Ace Hardware! I’ve got this travel thing pretty down. At times, I am gone at least once a month. Today as a part of my Love the look series I wanted to share my travel essentials. I don’t leave home without these! Above is a quick peek of the items I brought on flight Tuesday.

1. A fabulous sturdy bag. This amazing Chloe one is on my “wish list”. 
2. I need to start to read more. Pre kids I read a ton. I like the feel of a book in my hand. I don’t down load them (yet)..Rumor is this one’s a great thriller.
3. Hand cream!
4. I always bring a snack. Almonds are my go to. They are healthy and hold you over. Who knows when you’ll be stuck on a run way?
5. I ALWAYS bring a scarf. I find planes either to be too cold or sweltering! Either way, scarves make me feel secure when it’s chilly and if I am exhausted from traveling.
6. An ipad. If I can avoid bringing my computer, I do. I have learned to travel light. It makes life much easier!!
7. If I am staying over night, I usually bring a light bag. I’ve learned to pack well! Brics bags are great and this particular one can attach onto a suitcase if needed. (see images)
8.  Lip balm. I am addicted!
9. Headphones. it is nice to block out the world sometimes. 
10. Comfy slip on shoes..I like to wear something stylish but also something that is easy to get on and off for obvious reasons!! I also had to sprint on Tuesday, so it helps to have a good shoe on. 
11. And finally WATER!!! Flying is sooo dehydrating.

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