Love the look – classics to keep you cozy.

With the thermometer barely creeping over 30 degrees today, January has surely arrived!
It feels even colder to me, so I’m loving the look of closet classics that not only look
good but keep you cozy and warm! We work hard, during the winter months, to stay
toasty here in Boston. It’s a bonus if your wardrobe is also comfortable. I have to admit,
since having two kids and being in the design field, where I visit projects under construction, 
I don’t wear too many high heels anymore. Luckily low booties and sneakers are very hip these
days. Here are the deets on a look I am loving with cropped, step hemmed jeans – two ways. 

Black fur hood jacket//black quilted sleeve coat//tortoise earrings//classic white shirt
//bootie//jean//lip balm//pig earring (the little girl in me loves these)//
waffle knit sweater (super comfy)//Stan Smith sneakers.

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