Love the look – airport style

I’ll be honest here, I’m all about comfort when traveling for vacations! Let’s face it, planes are either too hot or too cold and flying is far from glamorous these days. (Unless you own a G6 – lucky you) I’m going to be organized with packing this year. Here’s what I’ll be wearing to the airport. I also drinks tons of water and travel with my design and fashion reads. Happy Weekend and Easter!!! I’d promise to be back with my Shelter Loves post today but I have 11 kids coming over to decorate Easter eggs.

1 thought on “Love the look – airport style”

  1. Slip-on shoes, a pretty scarf instead of a necklace, or a necklace that won't beep (the scarf has to come off at security anyway). An empty water bottle. Layers (mostly removed before security). Long pants to hide compression hose, which are put on at the last minute. Healthy snacks.
    My trips tend to involve multiple stops over 6-7 time zones, so it's best to be comfortable and practical in addition to being chic.

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