Love the look

Every year I purge my dated, worn clothing and add new classic pieces to my wardrobe. A good quality coat is an investment, choosing a look that is updated, well fitting and not overly trendy is always a good idea! I love it dressed up or down. Giorgia’s fuzzy version is AMAZE! (top right). Here are my picks for the timeless camel coat; a wardrobe staple for sure!


1 thought on “Love the look”

  1. It really takes a long time for a coat to wear out. So it's important to get one that is classic and resistant to trends so it won't look dated. These fit the bill and camel is always in style.
    I have a gray coat with a high black furry collar and big furry cuffs–very Russian looking. It is borderline ancient now, but still in great shape and still classic.
    My mom had the most beautiful black coat with a huge flared skirt. I wanted it in the worst way, and when she finally let me have it, it didn't fit anymore! I was devastated. It was at least 50 years old and still impeccable. The lining they used then was of such fine quality, and so was the wool. Like butter.

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